Saturday, 31 August 2013

Shopping Haul With My Beautiful Mum

Earlier on today, me and my mum went into town to do a little bit of shopping. When I say a little bit, that was what we intended on doing but the outcome became completely different! Oops! However we got some gorgeous stuff that I would like to share with you. There is another downfall, it did blow my bank to the limits! Oops again!

Primark £12
Primark £12

Primark £13
Primark £12


Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Harry Potter #1 + #2 (Update 3)

I have just finished the fantastic Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone! It was one of the best books I have ever read! I loved every line of it, it was so detailed and the book is a great read. There are defiantly some unexpected parts in it, where it got very tense and I didn't want to put the book down!

So, next I will be reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, I am looking forward to starting this book and I will know it will be as good as the first one! The blurb sounds very detailed and I am excited to read what this book it about. I think I better get on and start to read it then! The next update will be when I have read through the first chapter or something around those lines. I hope you guys will read these books, if you haven't all ready, and enjoy them as must as I have done, well only the first one yet!


Monday, 26 August 2013

1,000 Views Celebration!

I just wanted to say that I have reached 1,000 views on my blog!! That is just incredible, thank you so much for looking, following, glancing or even taking a split second look at my blog, it means so much!

Thank you to my 10 followers! Thank you guys so much for joining my blog, reading my posts and commenting on them! It's really nice when I get a lovely comment on one of my posts saying like 'I like ...' Something or another, it is brightens my day to know that someone likes reading my blog!

Last time I made one of these posts, I reached over 500 views and I was amazed but now I am just blown away! 

Here are the links to all of my followers to their blogs!

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Isabel's Amazing Blog

All of these blogs are truly amazing, you should all go and follow these girls:)

Thank You so much:)!

I hope many enjoyable posts will come in the future for you guys to like reading!


Likes & Dislikes (Week 1)

This weeks likes and dislikes are quite easy to explain because they are that good! That probably does not make any sense at all!

Likes -
My like this week is the Maybelline New York Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner. I love this so much, that I wear it everyday, it is absolutely amazing! The tip is super thin, so it allows you to get ultra precise! Also, it doesn't fade during the day either and it's not waterproof, so that is really good!

Dislikes -
Sorry to say this week my dislike is, the 17 Lasting Fix Lipstick. Now I have 2 of these and wear them quite a lot, which might sound odd you to guys because it is in my dislike list, however I know it says lasting, but it really doesn't! The lipstick comes off in a matter of no time and this might just be my lips but when I take one bite of something, there is a line of the leftover lipstick stuck on the outline of my lips! It is so disappointing because I love both of the colours I have got!

( ^ 17 Lasting Fix Lipstick ^ )

( ^ Maybelline New York Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner ^  )

Make sure you go and check out the 'Likes and Dislikes' page for more each week!

Also sorry about the pink writing, I copied off the 'Likes and Dislikes' page.


Outfit #3

Here is another outfit post, sorry if there is too many, I will try and cut down and do more of a variety, but this outfit is very cool and awesome. You can make it your in any way possible.

So all I did was, get an oversized t'shirt and tuck it in some primark jeans, them I rolled the jeans up a little bit at the ends and wore some maroon, low top converse. Also I added a gold, chained necklace, a large, white watch and some large, pearl earrings to finish off the look. 

For my hair, I wore it down, with parts clipped up and my make-up is natural, winged eyeliner, no lipstick, natural eyeshadow going into the crease and a lot of mascara. Just because, with this look, it is very simple and you need something to catch people's eye, so I though flared lashes would do the job perfectly! 

I forgot that with the t'shirt, the most important thing is, to make it more of a girls look, is to roll up the sleeves a little which increases the cuteness of this outfit!


Outfit #2

The outfit I am wearing today, is a simple but effective one. You can dress it up or down with any accessories or shoes. This would completely change the way you wear the outfit and how it looks. This would give an effect on how people look at the outfit, it would give a great impression, especially for the man kind! :)

I just picked a light cream shirt, from Primark for a cheap price and some Levi jeans, which I got from holiday! To spice up this outfit even more, I turned up the ends of the jeans and added some white and black frilly socks, which will peep out the top of my high top, platform Vans. This looks very cute and quirky. For the accessories, I popped on a gold and cream, ringed necklace and some sparky, gold and pink, large earrings to catch the eye! I love this outfit because it is so easy!

For the hair I just popped it up in a messy large bun, with a pastel purple flower clip at the bottom of the bun. Also for the make-up, I applied a natural look with winged eyeliner and an orange tinted lipstick!

You can make this outfit your own by adding whatever you want to jazz it up even more!


Saturday, 24 August 2013

School Haul

I have just been shopping with my Mum and brother for school! I got most things but need to get a couple more however, I got a bit distracted with the £1 accessories in Newlook! Here are just some pictures of what I have bought today! Lets go:)


There are a couple of eye shadows that I would like to show you, they are all great and look really nice! I use these eyeshadows for mostly everyday looks and enjoy using them! I will be telling you about them and what they are good for! Lets go!

MUA Undressed - Eyeshadow Palette

I have only bought this palette a little while ago and I am already loving it! It is great for a smokey effect, either everyday or going out to party! The palette has a wide range of different colours and shades to choose from, like, mattes to metallics. There are 12 shades and each of them look gorgeous! I got this eyeshadow from Superdrug and it was £4! 

Rimmel London Glam'Eyes HD - Quad Eyeshadow

The set if eyeshadows I have got, I love! All of the different colours, are bright and show a lot! They are all shiny but in a suttle way. I mainly use the browns and natural colours for my everyday looks but all of the palettes are amazing! I don't know where I got these from because they were a present but you can get them in any beauty store, I think, I know they are affordable and don't have an extortionate price! 

002 English Oak 
001 Black Cab
003 Royal Blue
006 Purple Reign


I fully recommend all of these eyeshadows and hope that you can get hold of them because they are great! 


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Friday, 23 August 2013

Harry Potter #1 (Update 2)

Here is another update on Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone! I hope you enjoy it! So, here we go!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

From the last update, I have moved on quite a lot and now I am on page 117 and in the chapter; The Midnight Duel, Chapter 9. As always I am so addicted to this book! It is full of tragedy, happiness, magic, enchantment and best of all excitement! I am glued to this book and want to always read it, I hope that is a good thing! From where I am up to now, it has a great story line and I can not wait to read on! I hope every single one of you readers reading this post will (if you have not had the chance) to pick up a Harry Potter book and read it! They are fantastic! Actually, I might read mine now! Stay tuned for the next Harry Potter update! 

(Just hiding behind the book)

Paige x

Shriek Drawing

Yesterday I drew this little picture of Shrek, the main character of the films. I was quite bored at the time, so I searched 'Shrek Drawing' and it came up with a drawing that someone must of done on the app Draw Something. Here are just a few pictures of the drawing that I did!

You can present your drawing in any way, like, picture frame, stick it on your wall or even a photo album! Let people see you masterpiece! Aha:)

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Outfit #1

The outfit I am wearing today, is a summery based collection. This outfit involves a dark red skirt, white and blue stripped, loose t'shirt, black frilly socks, black belt and platform Vans trainers.

I love this outfit because you can dress it up or down with different accessorises, heels, flats, trainers or sandals, tights, jacket or cardigan or a different kind of top. All of these items would look great as a simple outfit for mostly any occasion.


Monday, 19 August 2013

Harry Potter #1

I am going to start to read all of the Harry Potter books and as I go along I will review or tell you where I have got up to, these posts will take place in a kind of group post and will have a hash tag with a number by the side, to symbolize which book I am reading.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

At the moment I am on page 50 and don't worry I won't tell you what has happened, just in case you have not read the books (most people have, except Paige) I have just started chapter 5, Diagon Hall and I am very much enjoying the book so far.

People might be very shocked that truthfully I have never watched any of the films all the way through and obviously never read the books all the way to the end. I do not want to offend anybody by this and to make up for it I am reading the books first! 

So far, I am very much hooked by the book and was never before I started to read it again. This is because I have read the first chapter a couple of times and gave up years ago but now I have given it another go! The reason why I am loving the book now might be because that I understand it more or I can paint that picture in my head of what J.K Rowling is trying to describe. All of this probably is down to my age, I could be at that age now where I can understand older and complicated books now because of the thoughts and questions that go through my head when reading a fantastic book! 

So, I will be back after reading a little bit more of the book and telling you guys about that! I hope you have enjoyed reading something new that I have published! I enjoy something different too, to write!

(I think I got too engrossed in the book! But who doesn't like a fan girl!? Hum:/)

Collection Lasting Gel Colour

I am coming back to my reviews! Yay:) I am going to review my newest nail varnish, the Collection Lasting Gel Colour, in the shade Soft Peach 13.

This nail varnish is a very good one and with the new easy wide applicator, you cart go wrong with applying it nicely. The colour which I chose was one of the softer colours and to be honest I didn't think it was going to be that bright so people can at least see that I nail varnish on. However to my surprise with about 2 coats of colour the shade of the nail varnish was actually really nice. On the bottle it looked quite like a pastel orange, but it was like a light pink with only a hint of orange.

I now love the colour and the nail varnish its self. I will be wearing it quite often. Also just to add, I applied 2 coats plus a strengthing top coat to add the shine but I don't really think you actually need it with 2 coats it should be enough.

I bought this nail varnish with my friends when I went to town a couple of days ago and because me and my mum also have another one from this collection (that we really liked) I decided to get another one. The colours in this range have not really got a lot of variety but this colour stood out, as it was not that brightly coloured, wasn't sparkly or not that shiny! This nail varnish was from Boots and costed around £2.50 , which is one of the reasons why I like this nail varnish!

So, I strongly recommend this colour and nail varnish collection to you guys!

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Lifestyle Blog Posts


I figured out today I should start to include a more of a wide range of posts to my little space! So, this is my idea! 

In future posts I am going to tell you guys what I get up to! This will be called my Lifestyle posts! There will be lots coming soon, including pictures and videos! 

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Love You Guys



Thursday, 15 August 2013

It's Brand New!!

Hey Sparklers,

Today, I decided to modernize the blog and the whole site! I would just like to explain what new things are going to be uploaded on my little space!

So, the first new thing is videos! I am going to upload some ultra cool videos of me (Paige) talking to you guys, this also included tutorials! This is pretty scary and you will have to bare with me while I get used to the whole thing! Don't worry, I will still be writing an awful lot as I normally do!

Also I have gotten rid of the other pages, like cosmetics, monthly favourites and all of that other stuff, just because I didn't know what to put on them and I kind of thought they were a waste of space! To let you in on something, there will be new pages coming soon! Yayy:) 

The new me has risen upon this little site and sprinkled her sparkled stars everywhere! This kind of means lots and lots of new blog posts will be coming soon! Yayy!:) (again) Also it means, I am not going to be too busy to write posts to you guys!! Yipee!!:):)

Thank You:)

I love you guys:)


Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Hiya Sparklers,

I have been on holiday! Yay:) I went to the wonderful America and spent 2 weeks there, it was amazing! I bought some wonderful things and can not wait to share them with you! 

I actually got quite obsessed with the shoes over there in the outlet stores, so I thought I should spend some dollars on 4 pairs! Oops :O I manly bought trainers, like, Vans and Converse. I also got one pair of Nine West sparkly sandals! 

I got some pens and pencils from Universal Studios Hollywood for some of my friends! They were really pretty and just cute! 

I got some great cosmetics over there! I will just briefly tell you what I got and then in a another post I will explain in more detail! 
I bought some super cool brushes, mascara and lipsticks!! 

My overall holiday was outstanding and I loved every minute of it! I went to lots of different parts of California and if you have the chance to go I thoroughly recommend it! 

So, stay tuned for more on what makeup I got! Also just a quick note, again I a, sorry I have not written a new post in such a long time! Me and my friend have got a very special idea that I hope you guys will like! 

Please stay tuned for lots of exciting readings to come in the future!

Please follow, and become a member, it means a lot! 

Thank you!