Monday, 19 August 2013

Harry Potter #1

I am going to start to read all of the Harry Potter books and as I go along I will review or tell you where I have got up to, these posts will take place in a kind of group post and will have a hash tag with a number by the side, to symbolize which book I am reading.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

At the moment I am on page 50 and don't worry I won't tell you what has happened, just in case you have not read the books (most people have, except Paige) I have just started chapter 5, Diagon Hall and I am very much enjoying the book so far.

People might be very shocked that truthfully I have never watched any of the films all the way through and obviously never read the books all the way to the end. I do not want to offend anybody by this and to make up for it I am reading the books first! 

So far, I am very much hooked by the book and was never before I started to read it again. This is because I have read the first chapter a couple of times and gave up years ago but now I have given it another go! The reason why I am loving the book now might be because that I understand it more or I can paint that picture in my head of what J.K Rowling is trying to describe. All of this probably is down to my age, I could be at that age now where I can understand older and complicated books now because of the thoughts and questions that go through my head when reading a fantastic book! 

So, I will be back after reading a little bit more of the book and telling you guys about that! I hope you have enjoyed reading something new that I have published! I enjoy something different too, to write!

(I think I got too engrossed in the book! But who doesn't like a fan girl!? Hum:/)


  1. I love the harry potter books they are a really good read you will enjoy them !!!!

    1. Aha! Thank you! I am defiantly enjoying them now! X