Monday, 26 August 2013

Outfit #3

Here is another outfit post, sorry if there is too many, I will try and cut down and do more of a variety, but this outfit is very cool and awesome. You can make it your in any way possible.

So all I did was, get an oversized t'shirt and tuck it in some primark jeans, them I rolled the jeans up a little bit at the ends and wore some maroon, low top converse. Also I added a gold, chained necklace, a large, white watch and some large, pearl earrings to finish off the look. 

For my hair, I wore it down, with parts clipped up and my make-up is natural, winged eyeliner, no lipstick, natural eyeshadow going into the crease and a lot of mascara. Just because, with this look, it is very simple and you need something to catch people's eye, so I though flared lashes would do the job perfectly! 

I forgot that with the t'shirt, the most important thing is, to make it more of a girls look, is to roll up the sleeves a little which increases the cuteness of this outfit!


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