Monday, 26 August 2013

Outfit #2

The outfit I am wearing today, is a simple but effective one. You can dress it up or down with any accessories or shoes. This would completely change the way you wear the outfit and how it looks. This would give an effect on how people look at the outfit, it would give a great impression, especially for the man kind! :)

I just picked a light cream shirt, from Primark for a cheap price and some Levi jeans, which I got from holiday! To spice up this outfit even more, I turned up the ends of the jeans and added some white and black frilly socks, which will peep out the top of my high top, platform Vans. This looks very cute and quirky. For the accessories, I popped on a gold and cream, ringed necklace and some sparky, gold and pink, large earrings to catch the eye! I love this outfit because it is so easy!

For the hair I just popped it up in a messy large bun, with a pastel purple flower clip at the bottom of the bun. Also for the make-up, I applied a natural look with winged eyeliner and an orange tinted lipstick!

You can make this outfit your own by adding whatever you want to jazz it up even more!


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