Friday, 23 August 2013

Harry Potter #1 (Update 2)

Here is another update on Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone! I hope you enjoy it! So, here we go!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

From the last update, I have moved on quite a lot and now I am on page 117 and in the chapter; The Midnight Duel, Chapter 9. As always I am so addicted to this book! It is full of tragedy, happiness, magic, enchantment and best of all excitement! I am glued to this book and want to always read it, I hope that is a good thing! From where I am up to now, it has a great story line and I can not wait to read on! I hope every single one of you readers reading this post will (if you have not had the chance) to pick up a Harry Potter book and read it! They are fantastic! Actually, I might read mine now! Stay tuned for the next Harry Potter update! 

(Just hiding behind the book)

Paige x

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