Thursday, 15 August 2013

It's Brand New!!

Hey Sparklers,

Today, I decided to modernize the blog and the whole site! I would just like to explain what new things are going to be uploaded on my little space!

So, the first new thing is videos! I am going to upload some ultra cool videos of me (Paige) talking to you guys, this also included tutorials! This is pretty scary and you will have to bare with me while I get used to the whole thing! Don't worry, I will still be writing an awful lot as I normally do!

Also I have gotten rid of the other pages, like cosmetics, monthly favourites and all of that other stuff, just because I didn't know what to put on them and I kind of thought they were a waste of space! To let you in on something, there will be new pages coming soon! Yayy:) 

The new me has risen upon this little site and sprinkled her sparkled stars everywhere! This kind of means lots and lots of new blog posts will be coming soon! Yayy!:) (again) Also it means, I am not going to be too busy to write posts to you guys!! Yipee!!:):)

Thank You:)

I love you guys:)