Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Hiya Sparklers,

I have been on holiday! Yay:) I went to the wonderful America and spent 2 weeks there, it was amazing! I bought some wonderful things and can not wait to share them with you! 

I actually got quite obsessed with the shoes over there in the outlet stores, so I thought I should spend some dollars on 4 pairs! Oops :O I manly bought trainers, like, Vans and Converse. I also got one pair of Nine West sparkly sandals! 

I got some pens and pencils from Universal Studios Hollywood for some of my friends! They were really pretty and just cute! 

I got some great cosmetics over there! I will just briefly tell you what I got and then in a another post I will explain in more detail! 
I bought some super cool brushes, mascara and lipsticks!! 

My overall holiday was outstanding and I loved every minute of it! I went to lots of different parts of California and if you have the chance to go I thoroughly recommend it! 

So, stay tuned for more on what makeup I got! Also just a quick note, again I a, sorry I have not written a new post in such a long time! Me and my friend have got a very special idea that I hope you guys will like! 

Please stay tuned for lots of exciting readings to come in the future!

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Thank you!


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