Sunday, 3 November 2013

Reflective Sunday

There are 2 tracks that I am really enjoying and I thought that I should share them with you, as I havent done anything like this before. So, I thought it would be some different content for you guys to read and enjoy!

This song is one of my favourites that Olly Murs has sung, it is on his latest album and I am just loving it! It is nice and slow but has a modern edge to it. The lyrics are so sweet, which makes the song loving and cute. I have got this song on repeat all the time! The lyric video is so gorgeous, I really hope that Olly makes more songs like this!

The new One Direction song, I think is a lovely song. I like the way it is different to their other songs and has a totally different feel to it. Again, the track is so sweet and cute! I will definitely be having this one on repeat. Also their new album is coming out soon and I am really looking forward to see what new tracks they have and the vibe that it gives you. I will be definitely looking out for that one!!

Paige X