Monday, 11 November 2013

New Changes...

I decided to change my header into something more decorative. I prefer this one and think its stylish.I hope you guys love this header as much as I do and prefer it from the other one. I hope this one will last and stay a long time on the Red Rose blog.

I have also changed the background and have chosen some grey dots. This compliments the header and also matches with the colours.

I hope the new changes to my blog last and that you guys like them too.

Thank you!!



  1. Your blog looks so nice, I am jealous !! It is a lovely header and design xxx please follow my blog if you like it xxx

  2. Aww haa thank you!! Of course I will:) Your blog is gorgeous too:)!!
    Just thought if I could ask that, I couldn't find your follow button. Please could you reply, so I can follow your blog because I really like it!!

    Thank You!!