Saturday, 25 May 2013

The Favourite!!

Hiya My Sparklers!

Today's post will be about my favourite upper half outfit that is casual! So, enjoy and take tips!!

The Jumper and Checkered Shirt

This upper half outfit is very casual and looks great! It is more of a winter outfit but it's soo comfy and is great for going to town or having a wonderful day out! You can accessorize it with mostly anything, like scarves and necklaces. It can be mostly any colours for either the jumper and shirt but for the more geeky up the top button for the checkered shirt because it looks soo cool!!

On the Bottom half you can pretty much put anything on, like: coloured trousers, jeans, skirts or shorts. Depending on the weather!!

(the jumper and shirt are on a manikin) 


  1. That looks really nice, i especially like your choice of shirt and jumper as the colours blend beautifully.

  2. Thank u, I have been trying to pleat the sides of the shirt to get a better fit on myself.