Sunday, 26 May 2013


Hello My Sparklers,

Sorry this post is a little bit late, I have been very busy all day! So back on track, today's post will be about what to wear in the holidays!! Right now in the UK, it is half term where students take a week off from school. Also for once it is actually warm outside so I will be showing you some summer clothes to wear when you are off school! So, enjoy the tips and advice!! :D

Patterned Shorts

These are really nice just to wear with either plain shoes or sandals and a plain coloured top or vest top! It looks really summery especially when it is warm!!

Denim Shorts

These look really nice with everything also they look casual and comfy! It's a very summery outfit which looks great with what ever!

Pretty Sandals

These sandals are my favourite they look so pretty either with sparkles on, (you know I like sparkles) a pattern or with flowers on!. They go with everything and look really summery and cute!

Maxi Skirt 

Personally, I don't have one of these myself but am corrently looking for one because they look so summery and cool! Also they are soo cute and you can wear them just about everything to jumpers to vest tops! Make it unique!! 

Maxi Dress 

Also, I don't have one of these either but defiantly looking for one for holiday!! Because they look so comfy, cute and fashionable! You can wear these little ballet pumps or sandals with a denim jacket too! Remember to accessorize with long statement necklaces, big rings and chunky bracelets!!

Coloured Skater Skirt

I love these, I have a maroon one which I even wear in the winter with thick tights! They go with everything that goes with the colour of the skirt and you can accessorize well with jackets and gorgeous shoes!!

I hope this helped! 

If I get round to putting pictures on they will go on the Fashionista Baby Page which there are some pictures from my other post and also on this post its self too!

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