Friday, 24 May 2013


Hiya my Sparklers (new phrase!!)

Now, for all of the schools students out there, it is half term which means a week off (in some cases! + UK) 
So I thought I should do a little bit of a change and show you some of my most worn shoes! This might sound very weird but hopefully it isn't when I actually start! Ha :)

1. Purple Visions (trainers)
These trainers are casual and have a range of colours to choose from. I think you can get them from most sport and shoe shops. For example, I got mine from Sports Direct which do them for something ridiculous like £9.00!! I like wearing with either jeans or some shorts maybe. However it might just be because I bought them not long ago or it could be the shape of the trainers, but sometimes they rub me a bit! Other than that they go with a lot of things!

2. Maroon Low Top Converse (trainers)
I love these trainers to bits and I wear them everywhere! They go with everything and they have a lot of colours and styles to choose from! Converse are famous brand and are quite expensive! Mine, I think were between £40 to £50! You have to save up for these bad boys! Ha :) But the quality is really good and they are damaged so far! 

3. Light Brown Wedged Boots
I really like these boots because they you can make them casual and dressy uppy! They go with pretty much everything and they have them in black too! There are different styles of these shoes too and they are not that expensive! I got mine from Newlook and they are sooooo .... comfy;) They are really good quality too!! 

(My phone is taking forever to send the pictures to my laptop, so when they ready will upload them onto here!!)

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