Thursday, 23 May 2013

May Favourites (A little bit early!)


Today, I will be writing about my May Favourites, what to get and buy from the shops!! 

Nail Varnish

1. Rimmel London 60 Second Nail Polish
This nail varnish is very easy and nice to apply, it dries quickly and there is a range of colours to choose from. The one I have is called '610 Pompous' and it is a sparkly purple. It looks very pretty on the nails and to make it look even nicer you could add some jems or stickers. The price for this product is £3.69 from Boots and Superdrug. 

2. Laura Paige Nail Polish
This product is a very nice nail varnish to use, it is easy to apply onto your nails and have a lovely selection of colours. The colour I have is called '17 Plum Delight' it is a similar colour to the Rimmel one, that is just because I like the colour purple. You can get this nail polish from your local pharmacy if it is called 'Dean & Smedley'. However I bought it a while ago and because it is a pharmacy (I have had a quick look on their website) I do not know the price of this product. But I do know that is not very much and easily affordable.

3. Sally Hansen Double Duty (Strengthening Base and Top Coat)
This clear nail polish might seem boring but does a very good job of what it says. It does exactly what it says on the product and keeps your nail varnish on for a longer time than normal. The cheapest between Boots and Superdrug is Superdrug at the price of £3.95. The Boots price is £5.25


4. Rimmel London Glam'Eyes HD Eye Shadow
This eye shadow is one of my best, it comes with a little brush and some instructions on the back of the pack, telling you what the best way is to apply it. I have all of the range of this product and love it! It applies very easily and stays on for a good amount of time. The way the eye shadow is layed out is very unique, if you have seen it, it's in the shape of the Great British flag and the sections contain different colours. The one I use most is the '002 English Oak' and I use it for every day make-up. It creates a natural look which you can make it look even more dramatic. The price from Boots and Superdrug is £6.99.

5. Rimmel London The Max Volume Flash Mascara
This mascara lets no clumps go onto your eye lashes and creates a dramatic look.It applies easily and you may need to comb through your eye lashes quite a lot of times with the brush on the end of the mascara wand. It is very hard to miss, with the bright pink and gold colours which make you look at the product. I use this mascara every day and love it! It stays on for a long time until you take it off. The prices from Boots and Superdrug are the same and it is £6.69.

6. Lydia Professional Liquid Foundation
This make-up brush is the best I have! It feels very nice across your face when applying the foundation. There are different sizes to choose from and the brushes are affordable. This does not molt the bristle and when applying the foundation it does not leave brush marks. Also this product comes with a seethrough package which the brush slides into. I got this product from Ebay and it got delivered the next day with a couple of days waiting for the package to arrive.


7. Crystal Style Large Black Cross Necklace
This necklace goes with everything and accessorizes well. This is a great necklace to wear because it is big and sparkles. The chain is long and is quite strong. The cross is big and has individual fake diamonds which shine quite nicely. I got this necklace from Primark. I got it quite a while ago, so I can vaguely remember how much it was. It was between £2.50 - £3.00. 

8. Cream and Gold Large Elastic Flower Ring
This ring is very pretty and looks very nice on neutral outfits. The flower is a light pink and is quite big, in the middle there is some small fake pearls which look very cute. The back is a shiny gold and the strap is full of tiny gold love hearts. The strap is also a stretchy elastic. I got this ring from BHS and it is a little part called Miss Selfridge and the price was quite expensive. I got this item quite a while ago so the round about price was £8.00. However it was on sale so I got it for between £1.00 - £2.00. 


9. Black Cross Jumper
This jumper is very nice and goes with a lot of outfits. The shape is equal and looks great. You can either dress it up or down. I got it from Newlook and I got it last Christmas so I do not know how much it is. Also I have add a quick look on the website and can not find it. The jumper is fits very nice and has got a lot of different tones and shades of black. It's quite thick and keeps you warm when it is cold. I love this jumper and wear it a lot.


  1. Wow, they are really pretty, i adore the ring!

  2. Ha ha Thanks, yeah same because it is a neutral colour so it goes with mostly everything which is great when trying to decide what jewelry to wear!