Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner


Today, I am reviewing Collections Fast Stroke Eyeliner. This product does exactly what it says, it's easy and quick to do. Also I have the non waterproof one and if you make a mistake (I do regularly) then wipe it off with a make-up removal wipe, this comes off very easily. 

The make-up product has a thick line and a thin line, so you can choose which one you would prefer. It creates a jet black line which is easy to notice and looks professional. I totally recommend this liquid eye liner. The price you pay for it in boots is around about £2.50, I do not know the full price because I bought it a couple of weeks ago and it is not on the Boots website. You might find it in store. The around about price for this product is cheap compared to some eyeliners and would fully recommend you buying this make-up product. 

(sorry about the picture being the wrong way round)


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  2. This looks awesome and i definitely prefer liquid eye liner to pencils. I think there a lot easier to apply. i still have a little trouble though!

  3. Yeah same but lately I have bought another one which lets you get a really precise line without wobbling that much!

    I think you have commented on one of my haul posts which features this in? Any way it is really nice to use!