Tuesday, 21 May 2013

No.7 Essentially Natural Foundation


Today I am reviewing No.7 Essentially Natural Foundation. This is a liquid foundation that applies onto the skin very nicely. It spreads far so you don't have to use that much.
In the boots store, I got my face scanned so I could test what colour would perfectly match my skin tone. The lady was very nice and polite! I would defiantly recommend having your skin tone tested.
This type of foundation is the cheapest one in the range, pricing at £9.95. I would totally recommend this foundation and it stays on nicely. If looking for a new foundation, go and buy this one if u would like a natural look for younger skin.

Sorry about the pictures quality but I did my best!


  1. Just followed you! I have been hearing a lot of good things about No.7 lately.. Hope I can see them here in NZ soon!! Great post btw, keep it up.

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