Monday, 30 September 2013

Shopping, Walks and Other Stuff...

Today's post is going to be quite unusual, as I haven't done anything like this before. But as you have noticed I haven't been as daily with the blog posts as I usually am. So, here is what I have been getting up to over the past week or so:)!

Saturday 28th September

Me and a couple of friends decided to go shopping as they have already had their birthdays recently! So, usual me, I had no money to spend :( which meant I had to watch them buying all their fabulous things with their birthday money! It wasn't all that bad, we all had a good laugh and I figured out that shopping isn't all about buying things, you can have a nice browse too! We got a bit hungry later on and it was around 2:00pm so we thought we should go and get some food! We went for the unhealthy option (as always!) McDonald's! It was delicious, afterwards we carried on the shopping experience. I saw some lovely clothes in lots of different shops and can not wait until I have enough dosh to get them! Haa:) That was really the day that we had, me and my friends had a right laugh and it was really good fun!

Sunday 29th September

Yesterday, it was quite a nice day! So, me and my family (plus my doggy) went out into the wilderness (only joking, it was local) into some lovely woodland areas to have a nice walk with my dog. My dog is a very excitable little boy with a lot of personality! He can be very hyper sometimes, he is a Cockerpoo (mixed breed between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle) also his name is London and as you may of guessed he's a boy! I love him to bits!! Okay, so it was a nice day and we went out for a lovely leisurely walk. My family were chatting about all of the memories we have in America! Which I miss loads!! And it was just a nice way to stop and spend time with my amazing family! Yay:)

Monday 30th September

Today, was one of those alright days where you can not be bothered to wake up and go to school! So annoying! Even worse it was one of those days were homework was just bugging me and I know I need to get it done! But having spending time with my friends,it seems like it will never get done! Even more annoying!! As I have homework literally coming out of my ears, I haven't had time to write some lovely posts for you guys! So I am sorry about that but I hope this fills your needs on what I have been doing for the past 3 days or so.


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