Sunday, 8 September 2013

One Direction - This Is Us

A couple of days ago, me and some friends went to go and see the amazing film This Is Us. The film was very enjoyable for all of the directioners out there and made me and my friends laugh lots of times!

We all loved it. As the film is a documentary of the boys' life's, it made you want to learn more about the, because it is really interesting. Their personalities really show in the movie and they get on lots of people's nerves which was really funny to watch! The film wasn't like any other documentary, it was much more exciting than that, it felt that after the film you really knew who they were and it felt like you had been friends with them for years! I wish!! 

Anyways, overall I fully recommend that you watch this film because it is so funny! Also there are some cheeky snaps of the boys, u bet you all want to see those little clips! Haa. If you enjoyed reading this cheeky little movie review then let me know, some how! I defiantly enjoyed writing it!



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  2. Nice! I've tagged you in the Liebster Awards, it's 10 questions to answer and it's a way for the blogging community to connect :)