Saturday, 15 June 2013

Father's Day:)

Hiya my sparklers,

Tomorrow is Father's Day here in the UK, it is where people all over our country celebrate Grandad's, Dad's and Husbands. Relatives buy presents and cards to say thank you to them and show their appreciation! So, today's post will be about what to buy for your Grandad, Husband and Dad to say a special thank you!

Their Favourite Chocolate

This is a must have, everybody should love chocolate and for a present have their favourite! It isn't expensive but very hard to resist! 

Special Mug

I love these! You can personalize them, have pictures on them and writing! They are soo cool and great to say thank u!

Cute Pair of Socks

Socks might sound weird however some say "Great Dad" or "Fantastic Grandad!" and they are just really nice to buy for a silly present!


This is a biggy because cards and what you write in them are more special than presents! Make sure when writing a card put some really nice things and say how much that person means to you! It would really make your family member feel loved!!

Whatever Floats Your Grandad / Dad / Husband's Boat - What your family member likes!

I don't know what every single grandad / dad and husband out their likes, so my silly advice is get what they have wanted and make them happy! Buy something that they enjoy and are interested in!


You don't have to spend loads of money to touch your loved ones heart! You could even make something special at home like a card and then that would be the only card that is meant to be for your loved one!!

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